Our story begins in 1868 when Anton Rosell Mestre inherits the estate of Mas Perdut, a working farm where typical Mediterranean crops, vines, olives, almonds and carob.

In 1892, phylloxera arrives and makes all vineyards disappear, so the land is transformed into fields sown with grain, cotton and tobacco.

Once into the jar civil destroyed part of the building losing the entire crop and the farm until 1941, Anton Rosell Forcada is when it tries to retrieve the property, but not until 1960 together with his son, Josep Mª Rosell Solé, when they return to replant the vineyards once again found the solution to the phylloxera.

In 1981 the family moved to the farm to live, then when are Josep Mª Rosell saves, fourth generation, decides to go ahead with the cultivation of land causing a change in the philosophy of understanding the vineyards and providing new farming techniques, promoting a modernization on the property.

Since 2010 Josep Mª Rosell Gracia, fifth generation, the project began winemaking. Today is the winemaker and viticulturist, together with his father working to achieve quality grapes to produce wines in unique, authentic and maximum expression of terroir.


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